You can print up posters with these files, but there are a lot of other things you can make t-shirts, stickers, bumper-stickers, postcards, fliers, screensavers, and buttons, just to name a few.

Don’t own a printer? You can get these pdf files printed on most substrates at a copy shop. For best results, have them print directly from your pdf; they’ll pretty much charge the same exorbitant fee regardless of whether they’re making copies or printing directly from files.


You can print bumperstickers on plain old paper and tape them inside your car win-dow. This protects the art, has great visibility, and won’t mess up your paint. For hardcore stickers, buy “crack and peel” sticker paper at an office supply and use it to print the postcard or “bumpersticker” files. Cut the stickers apart using the crop marks as a guide.


Sending postcards through the mail is a great way to get the message out there—use them for all your correspondence! Print out the postcard formats on light cardstock, available at office supply or copy stores. Most printers can handle 80# cardstock - use the manual feed tray.

The postcard files print four cards per 8.5x11 sheet. Cut the cards out using the cropmarks on the edges of the page. For a big stack, take them to a copy shop and have them cut for you. It’s cheap and worth the trip.


You can buy iron-on transfer paper at office supply and craft stores. Print out an 8.5 x 11 format and follow the instructions on the paper package to iron the design onto a t-shirt.


Psprint.com lets you upload a pdf and get back posters, stickers, postcards, etc. Good quality, reasonable prices and easy instructions for people with some graphics experience. Get stickers made for 25¢ apiece, sell them for $1. Great for fundraising.


Most of these pdfs can be opened up in Illustrator and separated for offset printing. Contact us if you need help.