Soldiers and civilians are dying. Civil liberties are being rescinded. Nuclear weapons are back on the table.

We are living in a state of unending war.

Another Poster for Peace is a group of citizens committed to elevating the level of public engagement in the peace movement through design. Our goal is to help create a grassroots “anti-campaign” to counter the brilliant marketing the U.S. administration is currently running to promote its war agenda.

If enough of us voice our dissent, we can raise the level of public awareness to the point at which our leaders will have to listen to us. If enough of us voice our dissent, we will be heard.

Using the art on this site is one way to do this. For ideas on what you can do with it, click here

Another Poster for Peace was created in 2003; we are no longer updating the website. However, our posters remain for you to download, share, and enjoy. We hope you put them to good use.

This site is currently not accepting submissions of artwork, but several sites listed on our More Posters page ARE doing so, so check them out. If you have a website that offers free anti-war art, please contact us and let us know what you’re up to.